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Created 1-Sep-12
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Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen, curator Nicole Uniquole and Angelika HonsbeekIneke & Puck EigenmannAngelika Honsbeek & Puck EigenmannPress waitingReady for actionRichard Hutten - Zzzidt-objectsInterview with curator Nicole UniquoleDesiree Dolron, Ineke & Puck EigenmannWelcome by Nicole to the designersJust before arrival of the QueenThe Queen and the Bundespresident with the Dutch designersThe Queen, the Bundespräsident Gauck and Dr. WeißSpeech by Dr. Thomas Weiß, Direktor Kulturstiftung Dessau WörlitzNicole presents the catalog to the BundespräsidentNicole presents the catalog to the QueenMDR at workBundespräsident GauckQueen Bearix with the Dutch AmbassadorQueen BeatrixRelax moment

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